A great headshot is one of the most important and, many times, overlooked marketing tools anyone can have. From sales people, business executives and CEOs to actors or models, there is nothing that makes a greater impact then the human connection a headshot provides. 

Wether you use your headshot for an on-line or social media profile, print media marketing or major ad campaigns, don’t sell yourself short with an image that doesn’t perfectly represent you. A standard portait or the perfect selfie don’t have what it takes. 

If you market and network yourself or your company in any way shape or form - you need a professional headshot. It represents the most important brand in the world - you. 

Your Senior Session


What to do to prepare for your shoot.


Start selecting your clothing well before your session date. Plan to bring a minimum of 3 to 4 outfits, but bring as many different outfits as you’d like. We probably won’t be using all of the outfits you bring, and we will be helping you with the final selections that will look best in your photos.  


It is really important to be sure your clothes are ironed for your shoot. Photoshopping wrinkles is not an option in most cases and can be very expensive when it is possible.


4 different colored t-shirts does not qualify as 4 different outfits.  Bring dressy clothes as well as casual. Prom dresses can be a great addition to a shoot and a suit is always nice for the guys.  If you are in a sport or play an instrument, consider bringing your uniform or instrument. What ever you are into can be incorporated into your session. And don’t forget your accessories, shoes, jewelry etc… for your outfits.  


Having your hair and makeup done? Or a gentlemen’s cut before your session?  Here are some guidelines to be sure you look your best.  


Hair and makeup for the girls:  Come with a fresh face and clean hair.  Do not wear makeup or moisturizer if you are having your makeup done. Gentleman’s cut: If you are getting a standard cut, having it done the same day of the shoot isn’t an issue, but can be done days in advance as well.  If you are considering a drastic change in your cut or style, have the cut done 3 to 7 days prior to your portrait session.  


Mom and dad are more then welcome at your session, or a sibling or friend if you prefer. Just tell them to come dressed for a photo so we can get them in a photo with you!  I may even put them to work to help create your images. 


Your senior session is going to be an absolute blast from start to finish… there is no need or reason to be nervous. No need to practice your smile or posing. If you have ideas for poses, find what you are thinking about in a magazine and bring in the shot - we will be glad to work with you for what works best for your photos.  But be assured that we will help you every step of the way to be sure you have the most beautiful senior portraits possible.